Medals are awarded to the top performers in each event at tournaments. Also, there is an overall score for the entire team that is calculated based on the performance of the competitors in each event. The top scoring team in Division B and the top scoring team in Division C at the Virginia State Tournament are eligible to represent Virginia at the National Tournament.

To calculate the total score for a team, the "ranks" for each event are added together. The lowest cumulative team score is the winner. If a tie occurs between teams with the same cumulative score, then the first tiebreaker will be the number of Gold Medals earned by the entire team, the second tiebreaker will be the number of Silver Medals, and the third tiebreaker will be the number of Bronze Medals.

  • "Rank" is, quite simply, the place the team earned in the event – for example, 1st place is a rank of 1, 16th place is a rank of 16
  • In Division B & C, every team registered for the tournament is signed up for each event, regardless of whether they intend to send participants to compete in the event or not.
  • A rank in an event can be changed for several reasons:
    • Say that there are 32 teams competing in the tournament.
    • A "no show" team (one that does not compete in the event) will receive a rank in that event one greater than the number of teams participating (i.e. 32+1 = 33)
    • A disqualification in an event changes a team's rank in that event to two greater than the number of teams participating (i.e. 32+2 = 34)
    • Other penalties (ex. Clean Up Policy) may result in a % increase to rank.
      Example: A 5% penalty to a team's ranking would result in a team's ranking being demoted by 1.6 places, rounded up to the nearest whole number, which would be 2 places. A team originally ranked 1st would be re-ranked as 3rd after the penalty assessment.

NOTE: Although scores are presented at the tournament's award ceremony, scores are not official until several days following the tournament. This is needed for potential arbitration or scoring errors.