Invitational Tournaments

Schools sometimes run practice tournaments, independent from VASO, called "Invitationals". These are optional tournaments that teams may choose to attend to give them more practice at the events or to have more competition experience. You must have completed your VASO registration to attend these tournaments, even out-of-state ones, and you may only register up to the same number of teams for an Invitational as teams you have registered with VASO. Note, also, that Invitationals do typically require their own registration fee and each Invitational determines its own criteria for participating, schedule, and slate of events to run.


FCPS is blocking

Sept 18, 2017

FCPS is still blocking our email. If you have an FCPS address, you have missed three important emails. You can view those on our Email Archive page.

We are working on fixing the problem with FCPS, but do not know how long that will take. Please keep an eye on the Archive page. Also, feel free to email Karen and let her know a different email address for you. We are sorry for the bother of this.

VASO Events Announced

Sept 5, 2017

VASO Events are now available.

VASO Registration is Open

Sept 5, 2017

VASO Registration is open. Note that registration is not complete without the Appendix A paper (see Registration sidebar).

VT Invitational Registration is open

Sept 4, 2017

The registration is open for the Virginia Tech Div C Invitational on December 2. Registration will close on Oct 16 or whenever they reach capacity, so get signed up quickly. Teams/coaches will not be asked to write or run an event.

Upcoming Tournaments

If teams have invitational tournaments that they recommend, we will be happy to put links for them on this page.