"Impound" is the period of time, before the start of a Tournament, when teams must submit their constructed devices to Event Supervisors to be stored in secure locations. This will ensure that teams cannot modify their devices after the competition has begun, thus promoting a fair competition.

FAQ - Updated for 2018

What happens while my device is in impound?

When the team members bring the device to impound, the Event Supervisor may make a construction check of the device to determine whether it is in compliance with the construction requirements for the event. The device will then be placed in a secure location, untouched by the Event Supervisor or team members, until it is time for the team members to compete.

Who may impound devices?

The device must be impounded by one or more of the 15 members competing on the team. The team members impounding the device do not need to be the ones who built it, but VASO strongly recommends that one builder be present since a construction check will be performed. Note that team members must have on their wristbands when they arrive at impound. Parents may not impound devices, although they may help students carry the device to the door.

May we ask the Event Supervisor whether our design is in compliance and then modify it before or during impound?

No. However, VASO puts the scoresheets on the event pages of the website and recommends that team members check their own device for compliance before arriving at the tournament and submitting it to the Event Supervisor.

When is impound?

Devices are impounded by all teams before the actual start of the competition. Impound times for each event will be clearly indicated on the tournament schedule.

What should be impounded?

The list of what needs to be impounded differs by event, so read the event rules carefully to make sure that you have a complete list. In general, the device (including spare parts or accessories) and any graphs, written submittals, or log books will be impounded. Eye protection does not need to be impounded.

Are there some Building events that do not require impounding?

Yes, though, most building events require devices to be impounded. Impound requirements are listed in the national rules, however VASO may decide to alter those requirements. Changes to impound requirements will be listed in VASO's clarifications.

When should devices be removed from impound?

Once a device has been impounded, it may not be removed until team members are told to do so by the Event Supervisor. Once teams arrive at the competition area and check-in with the Event Supervisor, the Event Supervisor will notify team members when they should remove their device from impound.

May I photograph a competitor's device?

No, unless you receive specific permission from the competitor to do so.