2018 Roller Coaster

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Prior to the competition, teams design, build, and test a roller coaster track to guide a vehicle that uses gravitational potential energy as its sole means of propulsion to travel as close as possible to a target time.

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During our tournaments, VASO will enforce only those clarifications issued by VASO; National clarifications and FAQs will not be valid in Virginia tournaments.

Clarification requests are closed for regional tournaments. All outstanding clarifications, with the exception of regional-specific room dimensions required by the rules, will be posted by midnight, January 13. Clarification requests will open again for States after the last regional.

VASO Clarifications

November 21, 2017 Rule 3.b. - Is the vehicle in its start position included as part of the device for purposes of measuring its dimensions?
No. Neither the vehicle nor the #2 pencil are included in that measurement.
November 20, 2017
Additional Construction Rule 3.M. - As our Constructed Devices policy states, kits are allowed "only if those complete kits are substantially and materially customized." If using a kit for the Roller Coaster event, students must impound a written explanation and/or diagram showing how they met this requirement.
November 7, 2017
Additional Construction Rule 3.L. - Commercially available track (e.g. K'nex, Lego, Hot Wheels, Brio track) must not be used.
October 31, 2017 Rule 3.c. - The rule states that the track may not be enclosed at any point. How will that be judged?
At every point on the track, the vehicle must be removable by hand from the track in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the vehicle's travel.
September 8, 2017
Rule 5.c. - Height Score = (100 – device height). The device height is measured in cm as at the highest part of the device measured from the floor or the table (if used) rounded down to the nearest cm.