2018 Mousetrap Vehicle

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VA ModificationsNone
Eye ProtectionB
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Teams design, build and test a vehicle using one, or two, snap mousetraps as its sole means of propulsion that can push a plastic cup forward, reverse direction, and come to a stop behind the start point.

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Event Rules

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During our tournaments, VASO will enforce only those clarifications issued by VASO; National clarifications and FAQs will not be valid in Virginia tournaments.

Clarification requests are closed for regional tournaments. All outstanding clarifications, with the exception of regional-specific room dimensions required by the rules, will be posted by midnight, January 13. Clarification requests will open again for States after the last regional.

VASO Clarifications

Nov 9, 2017
Rule 3.e. - An approximately ¼” diameter or larger round dowel must be attached to the vehicle approximately perpendicular to the floor. The bottom of the dowel must be ≤ 1.0 cm from the track’s surface and must be easily identified by the event supervisor.