2018 Microbe Mission

Event At a Glance

DivisionB and C
VA ModificationsNone
Eye ProtectionC
Natl Microbe Mission B Page
Natl Microbe Mission C Page


Students will answer questions, solve problems, and analyze data pertaining to microbes.

Event Rules

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During our tournaments, VASO will enforce only those clarifications issued by VASO; National clarifications and FAQs will not be valid in Virginia tournaments. For the State Tournament, the last day to submit clarification requests is March 28 and VASO will post all outstanding clarification responses, with the exception of any specific room dimensions required by the rules, by midnight, March 31. Room dimensions will be posted as they become available, usually two weeks before the tournament.

VASO Clarifications

Dec 12, 2017
Rule 2.a. - In VASO regional and state tournaments, safety goggles will not be required for the Microbe Mission event. This clarification does not apply to invitationals (either in-state or out) or, clearly, the national tournament.