2018 Helicopters

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Students will design, build and test free flight rubber-powered helicopters to achieve maximum time aloft.

Building Event Policies

Event Rules

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During our tournaments, VASO will enforce only those clarifications issued by VASO; National clarifications and FAQs will not be valid in Virginia tournaments.

Clarification requests are closed for regional tournaments. All outstanding clarifications, with the exception of regional-specific room dimensions required by the rules, will be posted by midnight, January 13. Clarification requests will open again for States after the last regional.

VASO Clarifications

January 9, 2018
At the Charlottesville regional, Helicopters will be held in the open library area, which is at least 6 meters tall.
October 5, 2015
The Constructed Devices Policy of VASO states the judging conditions under which teams are allowed to use kits to build the devices for VASO tournaments. Because Rule 3a specifically allows for kits to be used in the construction of the helicopters, Event Supervisors will not apply that "Usage of Kits" portion of the policy to helicopters built from kits. In other words, Event Supervisors will not require that the devices built from complete kits to be substantially and materially customized. However, teams should carefully evaluate any kit for compliance with the current year rules - even kits that claim that they are Science Olympiad approved.