2018 Battery Buggy

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Teams will construct a vehicle that uses electrical energy as its sole means of propulsion, quickly travels a specified distance, and stops as close as possible to the Finish Point.

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During our tournaments, VASO will enforce only those clarifications issued by VASO; National clarifications and FAQs will not be valid in Virginia tournaments. For the State Tournament, the last day to submit clarification requests is March 28 and VASO will post all outstanding clarification responses, with the exception of any specific room dimensions required by the rules, by midnight, March 31. Room dimensions will be posted as they become available, usually two weeks before the tournament.

VASO Clarifications

Mar 18, 2018
Rule 3.h. - Keeping in line with decisions made in other events requiring dowels, VASO is allowing a non-wooden dowel if all other dowel criteria are met and it functionally breaks the laser beam.
Mar 6, 2018
Append to Rule 4.g. - If a vehicle does not stop itself within 3 minutes, the run will be declared a failed run and the team will be asked to manually stop the vehicle. Teams may elect to declare the run a failed run and manually stop the vehicle before the 3 minutes have passed.
Mar 6, 2018 Rule 5.c. - Is there a penalty for hitting the photogates?
There is no penalty for hitting the photogates; however, the Event Supervisors encourage teams to be aware of the photogates and minimize the chance of team members or vehicles hitting them accidentally.
Mar 6, 2018 Rule 5.c. - Where will the photogates be positioned?
Each piece of the photogate assembly will be placed between 0.5m and 1m off of the center line on opposite sides of the center line. One assembly will be placed at the 0.5 m line and one at the 8.5 m line. This will create a vehicle lane of 1-2 meters width.
Jan 11, 2018 Rule 3.c. - Are NiCad and NiMH batteries allowed, even though some contain small amounts of lithium?
Yes. The National SO Battery Policy has been amended to allow this.
Jan 9, 2018 Rule 3.e - Are programmable devices allowed?
No, programmable devices are not allowed. Rule 3e explicitly limits electrical components to ONLY those listed, and programmable devices use components not allowed by this rule.
Jan 9, 2018 Rule 3.a - Can teams use 1.2 V AA re-chargeable batteries instead of 1.5 V batteries?
Any AA-sized batteries may be used as long as they have voltage not exceeding 1.5 V, comply with all other rules and follow the SO Battery Policy.
Dec 24, 2017 Rule 3.g - When it says "the wheels in their entirety" does it mean just the wheels need to fit in the 30cm x 60cm space, or the wheels and the structure?
Only the wheels need to fit in the 30cm x 60cm space. Axles or other structures may protrude outside that space.
Nov 9, 2017
Rule 7.b. - Each Run Score is the sum of three (3) four (4) components: Time Score, Distance Score, Center Line Bonus and Penalties.